The Shadow on the Earth - A Tale of Tragedy and Triumph Owen Francis Dudley

ISBN: 9781406769593

Published: March 1st 2007


156 pages


The Shadow on the Earth - A Tale of Tragedy and Triumph  by  Owen Francis Dudley

The Shadow on the Earth - A Tale of Tragedy and Triumph by Owen Francis Dudley
March 1st 2007 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 156 pages | ISBN: 9781406769593 | 4.76 Mb

THE SHADOW ON THE EARTH OWEN FRANCIS DUDLEY WILL MEN BE LIKE GODS THE SHADOW ON THE EARTH THE MASTERFUL MONK PAGEANT OF LIFE THE COMING OF THE MONSTER These five books constitute the first five of the series of which The Tremaynes and the Masterful Monk is the sixth. NOTE THIS present volume Is the second of a series. Though complete in Itself, it deals with only one aspect of a very big matter the problem of human happiness. It should be read in conjunction with Witt Men be like Gods the first of the series, which it follows. May I mention that I am fully aware of the sensa tional character of much that I have related here.

I make no apology fen the same. It is unavoidable. I am dealing with a terrific thing. I am dealing with life as it is. The problem of pain and suffering, with which this book is concerned, is prominent in the minds of men to-day. Unfortunately many only know it as presented by lifes rebels coloured with malice, twisted with cunning sophisms. It would seem to be the delight of certain writers to dangle the problem on the point of a vitriolic pen and hurl it at the heavens in defiance.

These rebels offer no solution of the problem of pain and suffering. Instead, they sound the clarion of revolt. They have no solution to offer. There is a solution, however. It is offered in these pages. AUTHOR. CONTENTS Chapter Page I. BROKEN - - - - . i II. THE CRIPPLE AND THE ATHEIST 7 III. TKE MONASTERY GARDEN lt IT. BROTHER ANSELM AND THE OPTIMIST - 21 V. A CRY FROM THE DEPTHS 32 VI. THE VILLAGE IN THE MOUNTAINS - - 39 VII. BROTHER ANSELM AND THE PESSIMIST - 43 VIII, THE MAJOR AT THE MONASTERY 58 IX, BROTHER ANSELM AND THE ATHEIST - 64 X, A THING THAT HAD TO BE DONE 73 XL THEMAJOR NEEDS A TONIC 85 XIL THE CRIPPLE DECIDES 98 XIIL THE ATHEIST KNOWS .

- - 105 XIV, THE CRIPPLE TESTED - - - - 1 19 XV. THE MAJOR IS MYSTIFIED - I2g XVL THE CRIPPLES VISION . . . 134 THE SHADOW ON THE EARTH CHAPTER I BROKEN IT was a monastery on the lower slopes of the Alps. It was night. And It was a knocking on the outer door loud enough for the great awakening that roused the monks from their slumbers. One of them went down and opened it. Outside three men were standing, bearing a roughly-made stretcher on which a dark form lay. Theres been an accident on the mountains said one of the men. tc May we bring him in The monk led the way to the guest-room.

The un conscious figure was laid on the bed. I will go and fetch Brother Anselm 1 said the monk, adding that Brother Anselm used to practise as a doctor. He left them. They stood staring gloomily towards the bed. One of them muttered his annoyance at finding the place was a monastery.

A few minutes, and Brother Anselm entered an Englishman to their surprise. He looked at the three men rather sharply at one of them then went across to the bed. They explained how it had hap pened. He got to work and examined the battered body. He set a broken limb and bandaged some cuts. Next, leaving a monk in charge, he found food for the other three. Beds were prepared. No, said Brother Anselm, he would watch they needed sleep.

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